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1. At our entrance, our guests are instantly measured  with a contactless thermometer.

2. There is a disinfectant mat and hygiene kit (mask, gloves, disinfectant) for our guests at our hotel entrance.

3. At the reception, only a couple or a family is checked in according to social distance rules.

4. All bed linen, towels and similar products are washed at 60-90 degrees.

5. Necessary sterilization is provided for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

6. A spare hygiene kit is available for each room.

7. During the room stay, housekeeping staff is using disposable masks, gloves, bones and shoe covers for daily cleaning.  

8. The rooms are ventilated for at least 1 hour every day.

9. All areas are being cleaned with appropriate disinfection materials according to the quality of the surface and with the proper frequaency.

10. We disinfect the rooms and general areas with ozon machine.

11. Working staff is measured daily with contactless thermometer. 

12. All disposable plastics are collected in a separate waste bin.

                                                                                                     LOLA 38 HOTEL 

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